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From idea to start-up

The Swiss Digital Health’s acceleration & support program aims at helping innovators becoming the pioneers they can be.
Here are some of the best and brightest minds, who strive to create enduring value in healthcare and other fields.

  • AdventuresLab
    Augmented reality for interactive visits, games, education, information, data, historical reconstruction, ...
  • Aardex
  • b&kcare
  • Biospectal
    Biospectal developed a breakthrough smartphone application and platform that allow instant, ubiquitous, and accurate blood pressure monitoring and management.
  • Calyps
    CALYPS provides its customers with high-performance, reliable and trusted data intelligence solutions that enable them to better understand their reality, measure their performance and anticipate future changes.
  • Digipharm
    Digipharm brings together industry expertise, a mature concept and revolutionary blockchain technology to facilitate the transformation of healthcare to a value-based approach.
  • digitalMedLab
    digitalMedLab developed under the name +WoundDesk a mobile health solution for the professional wound management to improve wound healing, save time, reduce errors and get again more time for the patient.
  • Elitment
    Sports performance accelerator including digital solutions.
  • Eyeware
    Eyeware offers solutions for using eye-tracking information in real-world interactions, by capturing user attention, intention, and interest.
  • Fever Travel App
    Health application developed by physicians to help physicians diagnose tropical diseases through guidelines.
  • Lambda health system
    The Lambda is the only rehabilitation device that offers the freedom of a plan workspace in which the leg can be manipulated throughout almost its entire working area, accompanied by serious games and virtual reality as motivational elements.
  • LMD
    Leman Micro Devices’ V-Sensor health sensor & App is a smartphone-integrated solution that measures blood pressure, body temperature, blood oxygen saturation, heart rate and respiration rate with medical accuracy.
  • L.I.F.E.
    L.I.F.E. proposes a wearable health system that generates medically accurate physiological data that allows you to evaluate your health, your efficiency or the quality of your habits.
  • Measure Me
    Measure Me proposes a smartphone-based solution to estimate weight and height of a child based on a picture, which is helpful to diagnose malnutrition.
  • Medirio
    Medirio provides a medical device, which significantly improves both efficiency and therapy control, as substitute for insulin pens and syringes.
  • Mediway
    Electronic health record designed and created by doctors-IT specialists to provide a comprehensive computer response to medical practices and groups.
  • myotest
    Myotest provides personalized smart coaching software and services for runners to achieve their performance goals confidently based on their own unique physiology.
  • ObeeOne
    ObeeOne's mission is to combine new digital technologies, artificial intelligence and social networks in public health actions.
  • ProkeyCoach
    ProkeyCoach is a platform to profile hockey players and offer them guidelines to better understand why certain methods of trainings or techniques work for them and why others won't.
  • Recomed
    Recapp is a useful voice transcription solution during consultations to allow practitioners to focus more on the patient.
  • SimplicityBio
    SimplicityBio’s machine learning platform - BOSS - analyses your biological, clinical, digital data streams to extract knowledge and insight that can lead to disease mechanism understanding, drug target discovery, biomarker identification, patient stratification, and drug repositioning.
  • Sispha
    Interdisciplinary outpatient support programmes for chronic ambulatory patients.
  • MyStetho develop an intelligent stethoscope backed by AI-diagnostics for respiratory health. The solution is used to shift these unnecessary consultations from physicians to pharmacists and telemedicine doctors. We reduce costs of medical care and we enhance access to medical care for patients.
  • Transcend
    La start-up Transcent conçoit des projets en réalité visuelle à but éducatif (ex. immersion dans une intervention médicale en milieu extrême).
  • Veintree
    Biometrics anonymous authentication and anonymization of eHealth data.
  • Stimuo
    Young swiss startup developing innovative and immersive VR solutions for cognitive training.